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We keep them in cages in their homes, but in their natural state, they are independent birds who can seek out water over hundreds of miles through pure instinctWe feed them seeds from a pet store , but they can find food in a wide variety of habitats. We give them plastic toys and mirrors to play with when in fact in the wild some have figured out how to use tools to communicate parrot and attract mates. parrots for sale

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Vaccinations. A few vaccines are available for pet birds (notably polymorphous vaccine), but most caged birds are not routinely vaccinated.

Parrots Care Homes

Caring for a parrot is not very hard but does require that you put a lot of work into making your bird comfortable with plenty of food, warmth and play time.


Presuming your parrot has a place to bath, there should be little need for you to help him preen. He can take care of his own feathers, thank you.

Birds Hotel

After years of research in UK, Canada and the USA, The Birds Hotel is custom designed for your pet’s health, safety and comfort

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Meryl Doe
Meryl Doe
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If you need anything for your bird, including advice, then you are at the right place! they are dedicated bird breeder/groomer/lover/advisor. I have been a loyal customer for years and have 4 of their birds. I can’t imagine anyone being more passionate than Judy. I recommend this store and her services.
Kathy Tompson
Kathy Tompson
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The owner, is awesome! I’ve been buying from them for years. They are happy to answer questions and there is no pressure to buy anything. The birds and kept in a clean environment and treated very well. They are fed a healthy diet daily.
Michelle Steven
Michelle StevenLong Beach, CA
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The ladies in this wonderful store are so friendly and genuinely interested in the well-being of your feathered friends, apart from being very knowledgeable. I take my birds to them regularly for grooming and they treat them ever-so-gently. In short, they are really “for the birds”!