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Dimensions 120 × 40 × 40 cm

2GR Breeding Cage 120 Cortina Art. 400 Overview

The 2GR Breeding Cage 120 Cortina Art. 400 is a specific model of a breeding cage designed for bird breeding, including finches like Gouldian Finches.

Here’s some information about this particular cage:

2GR Breeding Cage 120 Cortina Art. 400 for sale
Manufacturer: The cage is manufactured by 2GR, a company that specializes in producing bird cages and related accessories.
Model: The model name is “Breeding Cage 120 Cortina Art. 400.” The “120” in the name likely refers to the length or width measurement of the cage, indicating it is 120 centimeters long or wide.
Design: The cage is specifically designed for breeding purposes, providing a suitable environment for birds to nest and raise their young. It may feature multiple compartments or partitions to allow for separate breeding pairs or to keep juveniles separate from adults.
Size: The cage’s dimensions are not specified in the model name, so it’s essential to refer to the product description or specifications provided by the manufacturer to determine its exact size.
Construction: The cage is typically constructed with durable materials such as metal or wire mesh, ensuring proper ventilation and visibility. It may have a solid base or removable trays for easy cleaning.
Features: The specific features of the 2GR Breeding Cage 120 Cortina Art. 400 may vary, but common features of breeding cages include multiple access doors, removable dividers, nest box compartments, feeding and watering options, and secure locking mechanisms.
Purpose: As a breeding cage, its primary purpose is to provide a controlled and secure environment for breeding birds, allowing for successful nesting, egg incubation, and chick rearing.
Compatibility: The cage is suitable for various bird species, including finches like Gouldian Finches, as they require specific conditions for breeding and raising their young.
It’s important to note that the information provided above is based on the given model name, and specific details about the 2GR Breeding Cage 120 Cortina Art. 400 may vary.

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