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The Black billed Amazon, also known as the Black billed Parrot or Yellow lored Amazon, is a species of parrot native to Central America.
Here are some key characteristics and information about the Black Billed Amazon Parrot:
Scientific Name: Amazona agilis
Size: The Black billed Amazon Parrot is a medium-sized parrot, measuring around 30 centimeters (12 inches) in length.
Appearance: The bird has predominantly green plumage, with a black bill and a distinct yellow or orange patch (lores) on its face, extending from the base of the bill to the eyes. It also has a red patch on its forehead.
Range and Habitat: The Black billed Amazon Parrot is found in parts of Central America, including southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. It typically inhabits humid lowland forests, as well as forest edges and clearings.
Behavior: Like other Amazon parrots, the Black billed Amazon Parrot is known for its intelligence and ability to mimic sounds. It is a social bird and often forms flocks, especially during the non-breeding season.
Diet: The diet of the Black billed Amazon Parrot primarily consists of fruits, seeds, nuts, and blossoms. It may also feed on leaves and bark.
Conservation Status: The Black billed Amazon Parrot is listed as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The main threats to its population include habitat loss due to deforestation, illegal trapping for the pet trade, and competition with introduced species.
Breeding: These parrots typically nest in tree cavities. The female lays a clutch of 2 to 4 eggs, which are incubated for about 26 days. Both parents share the incubation and feeding duties.
Importance: The Black billed Amazon Parrot plays a vital role in seed dispersal and pollination within its ecosystem, contributing to the maintenance of forest biodiversity.
Here’s Some Additional Information About The Black Billed Amazon Parrot:
Buy Black Billed Amazon Parrot
1. Vocalizations: Black billed Amazons Parrot are known for their vocal abilities. They have a wide range of calls, including loud and raucous squawks, screeches, and whistles. They use vocalizations for communication within their flock, to establish territory, and during courtship.
2. Social Behavior: Black billed Amazon Parrot are highly social birds and are often seen flying in flocks or foraging together. They engage in various social behaviors, such as preening each other’s feathers, which helps to strengthen social bonds within the group.
3. Conservation Efforts: Due to the decline in their population, conservation efforts have been initiated to protect the Black-billed Amazon. These efforts include establishing protected areas, promoting sustainable forestry practices, and raising awareness about the importance of conserving their habitat.
4. Hybridization: Black billed Amazon Parrot can hybridize with other Amazon parrot species, such as the Yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix). This hybridization can occur in areas where their ranges overlap, and it can lead to genetic dilution and potential threats to the genetic integrity of the Black-billed Amazon population.
5. Ecological Role: Black billed Amazon Parrot are important for maintaining the health and diversity of their ecosystems. As seed dispersers, they consume fruits and then excrete the seeds in different locations, aiding in forest regeneration. They also play a role in pollination by feeding on nectar from flowers.
6. Captivity: Black billed Amazon Parrot are occasionally kept as pets. However, it’s important to note that they are protected by international and national laws, and capturing or trading them without proper permits is illegal. If you are considering a pet parrot, it’s recommended to explore legal and ethical options, such as adopting a rescue bird.

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